New Workshop now open in Greenwich SE10

So I'm finally up and running in the new workshop, back on the site of my original workshop in SE10 which spectacularly went up in flames. Still have some work to do to get the MOT bay up and running, just electrics really. Work benches are in and the kitchen and loo now have running water. The boys from Trimoto, ABE and MME are also up and running too.

I need to thank everyone who has supported me over the last 22 months whilst we tried to rebuild. It hasn't been easy.

It feels really good to be back in SE10, I think about 5,000 more people live with-in a ten minute walk of the workshop now compared with May 2014 (hopefully some of them have motorbikes too). The amount of development and building work taking place in and around Greenwich is quite incredible and Ikea are moving in to! Shame they're knocking down the eco friendly sustainable Sainsbury's supermarket less than 17 years after it was built to do it - not sure it was particularly sustainable after all!

Meantime Brewery has also extended their brewery and have a visitor centre too. Building work has also started on a hotel next to the Blackwall Tunnel approach which prevents our workshop being seen from the road. However the developer has run out of money and left it half finished.